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Owning a beautiful kitchen is everyone’s dream, but planning one is not an easy task. There are many things to consider before you take the plunge. Storage choices, material options, right price… it takes time, energy and wise decision. Design Era experts provide you with all the information, knowledge & insights into kitchen making to help you make the right choice. With Design Era experts to the perfect kitchen you can design your ideas into your dream kitchen as per your lifestyle, work style and budget.

Vastu for Your Kitchen

Many people believe in the positive energies of Vastu Shastra. According to Vastu Shastra, a well-planned kitchen attracts health and happiness, and helps the house members to live an abundant life.

Here are some pointers for a Vastu- compliant kitchen.

  • The ideal direction for a kitchen is the South eastern corner of a house. The second best choice is the North-west of a house.
  • The Kitchen must never face the main entrance of your apartment.
  • The Hob/Cooktop must be a few inches away from the wall, and should not be visible from outside. It should be placed in such a way that the cook faces East while cooking.

  • Kitchen Structure

The basic structure of your kitchen includes the countertop, cainets (carcasses), flooring, wall tiles, electrical points, plumbing and wall colour.

Choose your cabinates & Accessories

Good cooking experiences come with user friendly kitchens. Choose from a variety of cabinets ranging from basic shelves to organized cupboard and drawer systems. Select kitchen accessories like handles, racks and hinges that are crafted to match your taste.

Reasons why people use Design Era Modular Kitchen

Compare Design era Kitchen & Carpenter Made Kitchen here

  • Range of finishes (Colours, patterns, materials or textures)
  • Limited range of finishes.
  • Less time.
  • More time.
  • Fully equipped factory made with standard quality.
  • Hand made without any standard quality.
  • After sale service with prompt action on complaints.
  • No after sales service.
  • Planned scientifically & every aspect is well thought of.
  • More or less standard in design & there is no science involved in understanding the dynamics of the room.
  • Provided proper 2D & 3D drawings with technical details such as Electrical, Plumbing, tile, gas marking.
  • No drawings or specifications provided.